Danny - WorkBC Kamloops

24 September 2019
Danny is a 27 year old male who was referred to WorkBC Employment Services Centre, Open Door Group, after he observed a presentation while completing his Education Skills Training Certificate at Thompson Rivers University.

Danny was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay with autistic tendency.   Danny prefers instructions to be presented in a straight forward way and also is a visual learner who performs best hands on.  He also learns very well with verbal instructions.  Danny’s biggest challenge was securing employment on his own. He does not have the ability to walk into a workplace and deliver a resume. As Danny can get distracted easily, he requires supervision and re-direction when off topic. 
Danny’s family felt that the next logical step for him would be to use the services at WorkBC.  Daniel really wants to work because he feels he is able and friendly. He stated that he is interested in working part-time with customers and stocking shelves. He wanted a job with variety.
Through working with a job developer Danny went on a couple of job interviews. Even though he wasn’t successful in those interviews, he felt that the support he received helped him to get his current job at the Restore.
Restore – Habitat for Humanity, was approached by a WorkBC job developer to discuss their job opportunities and to see if they were open to working with people with diverse-abilities. The manager stated they had an opening for a merchandiser stocking shelves and moving product that came into the store. 

The WorkBC job developer prepped Danny for the interview and he did a great job! He answered questions and had an abundance of enthusiasm.

Danny was offered the part-time job, is currently working and really enjoys the position.

The biggest support was probably the care taken to find a suitable work environment where Danny could succeed. At the Habitat for Humanity Restore, Danny is able to complete tasks that are within his level of achievement and benefit to the organization. The work environment is positive and encouraging. The support provided by WorkBC has enabled Danny success at his job. It allowed him to obtain the safety equipment necessary and followed up to ensure the placement was going well. According to Danny, “This job means a lot to me. I really want to keep working and keep it up. I like working in the back and the customer service. The team work is good; I like the communication.”

The job at Restore has impacted Danny in many ways. He is taking responsibilities more seriously. His parents stated he is doing more chores at home and paying a bit more attention to detail. Also, in his volunteer position at New Life Community, they have noticed improvement in his food prep skills as well. He is much more independent.

Quote from Glyn Evans-Percy, Operations Coordinator

“He is wonderful to have on board. Is a great addition to the team and always has a smile on his face. He is wonderful and engaging with customers and takes direction well.”

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