Alma - Lillooet WorkBC/Open Door Group Lillooet – Indigenous & Rural/Remote

23 June 2016
Alma attended the Lillooet WorkBC Employment Services Centre to seek information about the programs and services that are offered. She completed an orientation session where it was identified that although she did have a strong work history she was in need of support when communicating and networking with employers. Alma had resided away from Lillooet for 11 years and found she was not having any success using the strategies she had in place for her job search. She needed support while researching the local labour market and networking with employers so she was referred to the Employability Skills Workshops that were being offered. Alma had moved back to the Community of Bridge River which is 13km from Lillooet and in order for her to complete her job search activities, participate in workshops and attend appointments she was provided Transportation Supports. 

Alma had completed her Grade 12 Adult Basic Education and also has Business English.  Alma had past work experience both paid and volunteer that increased her employability status and likelihood of gaining employment.  Alma had worked as a Campground Manager, Cultural Coordinator, Community Support Worker and Community Health Representative and also volunteered in a Library.

Alma has a strong work history and work experience but still required support to bring all of her skills together and be able to market herself while defining her goals.  Alma was referred to the WorkBC Lillooet Employment Services Centre Job Developer to help her job search in a rural and remote area.  With the ongoing Case Management supports from her Employment Advisor and the Job Developer’s support Alma was able to secure employment in September 2015. 

Visit the WorkBC Employment Services Centre Lillooet to learn more about the employment services and supports offered.