Assad - WorkBC Whalley/Whalley Employment Centre - Immigrant Wage Subsidy

19 May 2016

Assad moved to Canada in 2004 on a work permit, later in 2007 he immigrated as permanent resident. He speaks English and is fluent in Arabic and French.  He is an Engineer with a background in post graduate teaching in Syria and France. He has worked on some project based Research & Development positions in Canada but has a goal to work again as an Engineer.

Assad contacted the Whalley WorkBC Employment Services Centre in October 2014. During a discussion with his case manager, he mentioned that his post graduate degree and doctorate documents were in French and Arabic; and being on EI he was unable to afford credential translation and evaluation costs. Although he had the experience and qualifications, he was unable to register and work in the engineering sector. His case manager provided the financial supports so that Assad could register with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC and apply for jobs in construction/engineering.

In the meantime, Assad was connected with a wage subsidy coordinator who helped him with job leads and employer contacts. In January 2015 Assad received an offer for a wage subsidy contract. It was a Mechanical Designer and Drafter position with an employer in Port Kells and the contract was negotiated by the Wage Subsidy Coordinator to ensure optimum wages. Assad successfully completed his six months of the Wage Subsidy contract. Due to his hard work and outstanding performance, he has continued in this position as a regular full time employee.

Assad said of his experience with WorkBC: “Thank you very much for the support and guiding me in the right direction.”

He deeply appreciates the step by step support he received from the staff at the Whalley WorkBC Employment Services Centre in overcoming his barriers for employment.

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