Career Services for Post-Secondary Students and Alumni

19 May 2022

Did you know there are a variety of career services available to post-secondary students and recent graduates? If you are searching for a summer internship, co-op opportunity or a job, you might want to check out the tips below for accessing the career resources available to you. 
Current students

  • Look for co-curricular or work-study opportunities at your school. Finding flexible work opportunities that align with your studies, current research interests and future career goals is a great way to get related work experience. Check with your school’s career services office or your department’s main office to learn about current job postings. 
  • Are you in your final year/semester of school? Connect with your department’s co-op and career office to ask about post-graduation co-op opportunities. Some co-op programs may have the option for you to apply to co-op jobs after you finish your degree (but before you graduate). Although not every school does this, it’s worth asking if this option is available to you.

Co-op students

  • Looking for a job? The best way to find a co-op position is through your school's internal job board. Most organizations will post positions several weeks to a few months before the work semester begins (e.g., a job that starts in May is usually posted around March or April). The good ones are often posted early, so start planning your co-op semester several months in advance.
  • Need help? Your department’s co-op advisor is the best resource for your job hunt. Make sure to book an appointment with them before you start applying for jobs (information on how to book an appointment will be on your school’s co-op and career website). A co-op advisor can help you focus your job search, update your resume and even practise interviewing. 
  • Want more options? Some co-op programs will allow you to "make your own co-op," which means you can apply for temporary jobs that are not listed on your school’s internal co-op job board. Before you do that, speak with your co-op advisor about the criteria — not all jobs qualify for a co-op credential.

Graduates and Alumni

  • Are you a former student? Often, even after you graduate, you can still access your school's career services If you finished school a while ago and are still struggling to find a job in your chosen career, book an appointment to help you make a game plan. They can assist you with questions related to updating your resume, preparing for an interview, finding a job or making a career change.
  • Your school doesn’t have a career office? If you don't have access to your former school's career services office and are unemployed or precariously employed, the career advisors at the WorkBC Centres are available to help you. Find the nearest location to book an appointment. 

While the career services at your post-secondary institution are invaluable, also provides additional resources. Check out Job Application Tips to learn how to write a cover letter, update your resume or prepare for a job interview.