Explore Careers at WorkBC.ca

11 January 2018

Navigating the labour market can be challenging. While I want to learn about career options so I can choose a good career path for myself, I often feel overwhelmed by the information. Even more challenging is figuring out what a job would actually be like on a day-to-day basis and whether I can see myself doing well in that job.

Whether you are in high-school, pursuing post-secondary education or already a part of the workforce, here are three simple tips for exploring career options:
  1. Know Yourself: Self-awareness can help you identify and develop your strengths and help guide you to the type of work where you can be most successful. Self-awareness also involves knowing your personality traits. Traits like being detail-oriented or preferring to work independently will help determine the types of jobs and work environments you choose.
Although self-awareness grows as you gain life experience, when thinking about your strengths  and weaknesses it is important to be honest with yourself. The Career Toolkit can help you explore your abilities, work preferences and help with career planning.
  1. Identify Your Priorities? When considering different careers consider the kinds of things that are most meaningful to you, the kinds of things you’re good at and where you think you could make the best contribution. You may also want think about work-life balance, job security and compensation. You might not find a job that meets all your criteria, but thinking about what will make a job fulfilling will help guide your search.
  1. Explore Careers: Once you’ve identified your interests and priorities you could start exploring career options at WorkBC.ca/careers. The site features 500 career profiles including job overviews, work environments, job requirements, earnings, videos that feature people at work and much more!

So, be inspired by reflecting on your strengths and priorities, and use available resources to help you choose a career path that is right for you.