Female Entrepreneur Support Guide

15 March 2018

Are you a woman interested in starting a new business? Are you an aspiring female entrepreneur who is looking for support with a challenging new adventure?  
There are many reasons to start your own business – a couple examples include the creation of opportunities for local communities and control over your work schedule. That said, finding answers to entrepreneurial questions can be difficult and time-consuming. To support individuals in this process, WorkBC has created a list of resources that will help answer your questions about guidance centers, mentorship programs and financing. You can also discover other motivational stories that describe the challenges and steps that female entrepreneurs took on to accomplish their goals.
There are several different kinds of supports that new entrepreneurs can utilize. These resources include:
  • Women’s Enterprise Center: This resource is for female entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance, skills training and referrals. It is an ideal resource for those that have a variety of questions and need answers before entering entrepreneurship.
  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs: If you are looking for blogs, mentorship programs and events, the Form for Women Entrepreneurs is an appropriate resource. The form focuses on providing support for those expanding their business or venturing into new business opportunities.
  • Young Women in Business (YWiB): The community provides monthly events which focus on aiding young women to gain the skill and knowledge to reach their fullest potential. Opportunities include speaker series events to skill, style and networking workshops.
  • Women’s Enterprise Initiative Loan Program: For those looking for financing, Western Economic Diversification Canada created the Women’s Enterprise Initiative (WEI) to help remove the barriers that female entrepreneurs are commonly facing today. This financial support can also help women start a new business or to expand or purchase an existing business.
If you have questions about what kind of personal reasons encourage women to start their own business? Take a look at the personal stories by Vonbon, Men in Kilts, BikeHike Adventures and Bombay Brow Bar. These can be found under the Women tab under Resources For, within the Women in Business section.