Finding Your Fit through Customized Employment

28 May 2021

This guest blog post is from WorkBC Centre's Maria R., vocational counsellor, to bring awareness of supports and services that are available to persons facing significant barriers to employment. 

Customized employment is offered by WorkBC Employment Services throughout the province. You might be wondering: What is customized employment and who is it for?

Individuals with disabilities or significant barriers to employment who are looking to receive one-on-one support – while discovering strengths and abilities as they relate to potential career paths – would benefit from this service. Working alongside a vocational counsellor, you will be guided through a stage of discovery, planning, and negotiation of employment relationships to create a job that will be a good fit for you.

Customized employment allows you – the job seeker – to guide the employment process. You’ll receive personalized support from your vocational counsellor to achieve employment that matches your interests and supports any disability-related needs you may have.

Vocational counsellors work closely with employers to see what unique contributions an individual can bring to a position, rather than focusing on barriers or disabilities. WorkBC has seen great success supporting individuals who have found jobs that match their interests and needs, as well as success with supporting employers in finding individuals that can assist them with their organizational needs.

If you are someone that wants to be working, and have a disability or significant barrier to employment, visit your nearest WorkBC Centre to learn more about this service. WorkBC is here to support each step towards your employment goals.

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