Warm Weather, Cool Updates

11 July 2018
You may have noticed our website was down for maintenance recently. From time to time, we do that –but you may be wondering "what are they maintaining?"

If you have apps on your smartphone, you might be familiar with release and update notes - you know, those messages under the app update that usually say something mundane like "bug fixes and general improvements."

WorkBC.ca is like an app, but it's actually many web apps under a single roof, all integrated with data and interactive functionality. So, what were the improvements we made? We’re happy to share this list of improvements below: As you might imagine, many people were working hard to make this happen – from project managers, economists, programmers, data experts, content writers, developers and testers – all working to continuously improve user experience, create new features, and keep data timely and relevant.

Don’t forget: you may need to clear your cache, or browser history, and clear cookies to view the latest upgrades. Browsers hold onto information, and this causes problems with bringing up websites, especially after changes are made.