How can Social Media help your Job Search?

12 February 2019
Are you wondering why social media is important to your job search? Do you currently have an adorable animal as your profile picture on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Are you wondering how employers and recruiters use social media?

With more and more companies and recruiters using social media to find and screen potential employees, it is quickly becoming a vital part of the job search process. This makes job seeker profiles a critical component for increasing chances of getting the job you want. The top 3 social media sites for job seekers are: If you are interested in creating a profile on these three sites, always be cautious about the personal information you provide online and be sure to create strong, secure and even multiple passwords for your various accounts.

Consider using the following strategies to power up your job search:
  1. Spread the Word: Ensure that your friends and followers know that you are currently looking for work. They may not know immediate job opportunities but they’ll definitely think of you if any come up.
  2. Connect with Employers: Many employers are now using social media as a way to spread company news, job postings, and promotions. Many employers are now announcing job postings on social media feeds before they post them on job boards because it is fast and easy to spread the word of the job opportunity.
  3. Create a Professional Profile: It’s very important that you tidy your online profiles by removing any questionable photos or messages before you start looking for work.
  4. “Follow” or “Like” Career Experts: Whether it’s a blog post, article or study, you’ll find plenty of useful information and tips on social media that can help you land your dream job. Ensure to review and implement these tactics to further your presence on social media.
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