John Buss - Merritt WorkBC ESC - Mature Worker

22 January 2016
John moved to the Merritt Area from the Lower Mainland and attended the WorkBC Employment Services Centre, Community Futures Thompson Country, looking to secure work in a slower paced, friendlier environment. 

John is a mature worker who worked in the construction industry as a laborer all his life.  About 22 years ago, John hurt his back and has been plagued with muscular-skeletal issues since.  Through the years of working hard, the strain and stress it placed on his body is starting to catch up to him. Despite his years of experience, his physical challenges and lack of certificates or paper qualifications made it difficult to move outside of entry level positions with new companies.

When John first arrived at WorkBC in September 2014, he possessed the “Can Do” attitude needed to moving into a new career.  WorkBC Centre staff quickly identified his skill set and with help from a job developer he was able to market himself in his new community.  Within a week of working with his job developer, John secured a position with a construction project in Merritt.  The employer also identified John’s extensive skills and moved him to the site Foreman position within two weeks; at times leaving John to run the project and workers, while reporting to the contract holder out of Kelowna.  Over the next 4 months, WorkBC staff stayed in contact with John and noted how well he had adapted to the new location and title.  As the project neared completion, the company owner spoke of another local contract, he had applied for and his wanting to employ the client as the site Foreman.

In February 2015, John learned the company had not secured the local project and would no longer need his services.  John returned to active job search with the JD, the shock of the job loss, after such positive reviews took its toll on him.  As John moved forward with his job search, he wanted to change the direction of his search.  He identified how working in a colder climate was affecting his body and wanted to develop a skill set that was not just reliant on his construction experience.  Through his research, John was able to identify a number of companies that require someone with his experience but with First Aid and Security Guard training.  John completed his Occupational First Aid Level 3 training and upon returning from the course was able to secure a supervised security permit. John’s job developer placed him in contact with an employer looking for these skills and he was hired on the spot. 

John is now employed as a full-time Security Guard providing access control and property surveillance.
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Posted: January 8, 2016