Keith - WorkBC Creston/Kootenay Employment Services – Multiple Barriers

14 July 2016
Keith came into the Creston WorkBC Employment Services Centre mid-September 2015 with the hope of finding new work and/or re-employment training. Keith was on Employment Insurance (EI) having worked in an orchard long enough to qualify. Barriers to employment included being new to the area, unsure of what to do next, having a very low, gaps in his employment due to two life-threatening illnesses and physical limitations due to a motor vehicle accident years earlier. What he did have was a Class 1 license and driving experience, a positive attitude and a strong faith that things would turn around for him. Supports provided included the WorkBC resource centre; ongoing case management; job development supports including job referrals; workshops on finding and maintaining employment; financial supports to get him to job interviews and potential jobs; and referrals to counselling, community-based financial supports and medical assessments.
Keith’s road to re-employment was not an easy one. He had job offers that fell through at the last minute resulting in a roller coaster of emotions. Through it all though, the WorkBC staff provided support and encouragement resulting in an ongoing, full-time position as a local tow truck driver. Keith is thrilled with the outcome and appreciative at the range of supports provided.