Knowing the Jobs of the Future, Now

28 February 2018
Labour Market Outlook 2017
When we look for a job, we typically search out job postings on sites like After all, these are positions immediately available. 
But, what if we weren’t ready to take that job? Maybe we were looking to re-enter the workforce or switch careers. What if we were in high school and trying to figure out a plan for after graduation? Does something exist that offers good, forward-looking information specifically about B.C.’s job market?
The answer is yes. It’s called B.C.’s Labour Market Outlook: 2018 Edition and it is updated annually and available on
Inside, you’ll find a list of projected job openings over the next 10 years and the factors driving these jobs. You can see which industries are growing and in which region. You can even see what they typically pay. 

The Outlook comes from extensive analysis of economic and jobs data, validated by detailed conversations with public and private sector stakeholders, providing a high degree of confidence in the results.
For students, families, counsellors, job seekers and employers, the Labour Market Outlook is a resource worth reading that will help you plan your career pathway with accurate data and information. Download the Labour Market Outlook now and put the future in your hands.