Kristy - WorkBC Quesnel ESC

24 September 2019
Before visiting a WorkBC Employment Services Centre, I had been off work for approximately 7 months due to an injury. I had been looking for employment for approximately 2 or 3 months.

The challenges I was having in finding work were trying to find a job that would accommodate my physical limitations due to my injury.

I decided to try the Quesnel WorkBC Employment Services Centre because it was suggested to me by an employer at the Employment Insurance office. They suggested the Centre may be able to help me to go back to school and further my education, so I could obtain a job that I could physically do.

WorkBC has helped me in many ways. They first helped me to gather information about programs I was interested in attending. When that option became unavailable due to time restrictions, they further assisted me in starting my own business. They offered one on one support for starting.

I am currently the owner/operator of my own store called Just Kidz. I sell used children’s clothing and accessories and I love it! Being my own boss allows me the option to work within my physical capabilities. Click here to visit the Just Kidz Facebook page.

Visit the WorkBC Centre Quesnel to learn more about the employment services and supports offered.