Life STILL Happens at 55+

24 September 2018

Facing an unexpected life event? Having to change your plans? Needing to return to the workforce?  

It doesn’t need to be a daunting pursuit – many employers are looking for the experience and knowledge you have.  Here are some considerations to ease your return to the workplace:
  1. Consider “other” options of employment, such as self-employment or contract work – now is the time to do what you really love, what you have always wanted to do – maybe it’s a hobby that could make you money, or a passionate interest.  Share your expertise! Worried about funding?  If self-employment is calling you, there may be funding available for your start up.  

  2. Market your skills and experience – showcase what you bring to the table – wisdom and knowledge is a very valuable asset.  A diverse workplace is where it’s at. 

  3. Consider training up on those “missing or lacking” skills that you may be behind with; for instance, computer software - take advantage of training funds available. 

  4. Network.  Not all jobs vacancies are advertised.  Tell your friends, past colleagues, and social groups that you are looking to re-enter the workforce, they could be a great resource and/or reference – sometimes it can be about who you know. 

  5. Reach out for assistance, make an appointment with your local WorkBC Employment Service Centre – let them help you redesign your resume, help you brush up on your interview techniques and gain the confidence to get that job.