Power Up Your Community Job Board with Live Job Posting Data

24 August 2017
Do you organize a community or regional job board in British Columbia? If so, you may be interested in a new way to expand your job listings using WorkBC’s Job Board—a job board with over 47,000 registered employers.

So how is this possible? The answer is in technology called Application Programming Interface (API). API is software—managed by DataBC—that allows programs and websites to communicate with each other. In this case, the WorkBC Job Board—using API—can now communicate with community or regional job boards.

How does it work? The API will take requests for local jobs, and in return, send a list of selected job postings to your community or regional job board.

You can use the free WorkBC Job Board API service to expand the reach of your community or regional job board. With this service you will be able to:
  • Request, filter and access live job posting data to add to your website.
  • Feature specific job postings on an industry webpage job board.
  • Increase awareness of the thousands of job opportunities posted on the WorkBC Job Board, offering your clients a more comprehensive job search experience.
  • Increase employers’ confidence that they’re finding the right talent to grow their businesses.
The service, including all support documentation, is accessible on DataBC’s Data Catalogue. Please note that jobs posted directly on the WorkBC Job Board are available through the API, but those obtained from other sources such as Monster, Indeed or Workopolis are not included.

The API service is governed by the Open Government Licence – British Columbia (OGL-BC) and the Terms of Use for OGL-BC. To learn more, we invite you to read WorkBC.ca API .