Rachel - WorkBC Whalley/Whalley Employment Centre - Youth Workshops

14 December 2017
Rachel is a shy girl in her early twenties. She’d never had a real job before and was lacking relevant experience in the jobs that she was applying for. She would describe herself as a hardworking and responsible individual but always found troubles in getting past initial screening and interview processes when job searching on her own. At most, she would receive some phone conversations with employers but had never moved anything past that.

The pressure of what seemed to be a hopeless job search left Rachel tired and stressed. To add to the situation, Rachel fell ill. After countless visits to the hospital and various tests, the doctors could not properly diagnose the source of her pain. This added stress and anxiety to her overall wellbeing.

 “There were some good days, but then there were the really bad days where I couldn’t get out of bed because I was in so much pain”

After 2 years of fighting her illness and an unsuccessful job search, Rachel came to Whalley WorkBC Employment Services Centre for help in finding a job. She met with a case manager who signed her up for career planning, resume and interview workshops. Rachel explained that these workshops helped her job search results profoundly. She learned what mistakes she was previously making and new valuable skills on how to properly write a tailored resume, what to say in interviews, and which career paths would be suitable for her personality.

Rachel was referred to a Job Developer who supported her in getting a volunteer job (Unpaid Work Experience) with the Surrey Food Bank to help her gain more experience working with the public. She explained that she had learned so much not only from the workshops, but also from getting an opportunity to get out and talk to people while gaining experience. She believes that the workshops and the extra experience was what really helped her in her job search journey.

“Everyone who works at WorkBC is amazing at what they do. And nobody judges; it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you do, they are there to help you.”

After gaining new insight on her job search through the help of WorkBC, Rachel applied for a position as Early Morning Stock Person at London Drugs. She was successfully hired and has been working there ever since. She thanked the staff at the Whalley WorkBC Employment Services Centre for helping her overcome her barriers for employment.

“I would definitely recommend WorkBC to anyone who is looking for work. In fact, I’ve already referred my family and friends who are struggling in the same way that I was, to visit your centre!”

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