The New and Improved BC's Career Guide for Indigenous People

5 June 2019

The newly revised and improved BC’s Career Guide for Indigenous People provides valuable tools and activities to help students and jobseekers guide their journey towards a successful career.

Criteria table – What is important to you?
Assess the most important qualities you want in a future career based on your interests, passions and needs
Sample questions to reflect upon when exploring – Who you are? (ie strengths, skills & interests)
Glossary of resource website links arranged in chronological order categorized by the chapters within the guide

  • Layout has been visually improved, creating a better read and flow
  • Multiple resume examples: Regular, Functional & Chronological styles
  • How to write a cover letter: Guidelines to assist in writing your letter
  • Practice makes perfect; tips for preparing for the interview
  • Who would make a good reference for you? References explained
  • “Your rights as a job applicant” explained, with added resource links
  • Updated resources with links and phone numbers if/when available

A Teacher shares: I am so happy to see a resource guide specifically for Indigenous students. I have so many students that lose the opportunity to see career-focused resources because of the lack of exposure. Many of my student cases love a tool that allows them to follow through from page to page and write everything down. Online resources are the new thing, but there’s something special about writing your dreams down on paper. The fact that there is a physical example for resume building in here is awesome too. I have put together a lot of resources myself but I like the amount of necessary information in this guide and I like that it can be found all in one place. I can’t wait to hand it out to my students!”
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