Three Career Exploration Tools for Youth

22 May 2018

Are you a young person learning about which industry interests you the most? Do you know how to plan for a pathway to achieve a rewarding career? Are you looking for online resources that can help you explore career options?

By applying the high school education filter on the Job Board, you can find over 6,660 job postings (search results as of April 12, 2018). The Job Board has over 15,700 job postings as of this date. Due to skilled labour shortages in several high demand sectors, there is a lot of opportunity for youth to gain experience and develop their competencies. However, this can be an overwhelming learning process for students and youth seeking answers.

Three online resources that can help you explore careers are:
  1. Career Toolkit: Includes three quizzes, a build your own career planning tool, day-in-the-life videos and a cost-of-living calculator.
  2. High Opportunity Occupations: Discover the occupations that are expected to have above-average opportunities over the coming decade. 
  3. What Are You Made Of?: Select the words that best describe you and get suggestions on which trade suits you.
Additional resources: