Trade Programs Designed for Women

12 March 2018

Have you ever thought about going into trades? As of Mar 12, 2018 WorkBC Job Board had around 1,500 job opportunities in construction. You may be wondering:
  • What are the top three reasons why women go into trades?
  • What resources are available to help women in trades?
  • Where can one find personal stories to continue your research?
The Industry Training Authority Women in Trades Training Initiative says that the top three reasons to choose a career in trades are:
  1. Money: The average wage of a trade worker is doubled compared to a retail job.
  2. Opportunity: There is a high demand for skilled trade workers.
  3. Satisfaction: Women report higher satisfaction and confidence rates.
The Industry Training Authority helps potential female workers find training, funding, and paid apprenticeship opportunities.
Another resource to help potential female workers is Women in Trades Training Service Providers. This discusses programs specifically designed for women interested in the trade industry. The four institutions that are currently listed for Women in Trades Training Programs are Camosun, Okanagan College, Thompson Rivers University and Open Door Group. Some of these institutions allow students to explore a variety of trade career option before making a choice.
Does a career in trades sound intriguing to you? Discover more by reading personal stories about Lauren, Star and Connie who worked within construction or drilling industries. This can be found by looking under the Women tab, within the Women in Trades section.