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1 September 2016

Are you a newcomer to British Columbia (B.C.)—or soon to be—here to work or study? Do you work with newcomers as a service provider or regulator? Does your community want to support and encourage newcomers? WelcomeBC’s Resources For pages make it easy to find information relevant to newcomers and the communities, service providers and regulators that work with them.

Potential Immigrants – Learn about your options to live and work or study in B.C. Find out how you as an experienced worker or businessperson can become a permanent resident and bring your family to Canada. Discover the services and supports available to newcomers. Find definitions of some of the technical terms used in the immigration process.

International Students – Every year thousands of international students come to B.C. to go to our top-ranked universities and to learn English as a second language. Find out what you need to know about our schools and studying in B.C.

Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) – You may be able to work temporarily in Canada if there is a specific labour or skill shortage in Canada, or if your home country has an agreement for young people to travel and work in Canada. Find out if you qualify under the federal government’s Temporary Foreign Worker or International Experience Canada programs.

Communities and Service Providers – Community leaders and service providers play a key role in welcoming newcomers. Find out how to be a welcoming community and what resources you can offer newcomers. Discover the information you need, plus detailed immigration statistics and success stories from B.C. communities and workplaces.

Regulators – B.C. strives to create a system for Foreign Qualifications Recognition (FQR) that is fair, consistent, transparent and effective. Regulators responsible for skilled trades and professions can learn about best practices to ensure that newcomers to B.C. can contribute productively to their new home and meet essential qualifications.