Why Should You Read the 2018 Parents’ Guide?

18 June 2018

Are you a parent or guardian, wanting to help your teenager, but unsure how to guide them down the best career path? Are they confused or overwhelmed by the amount of information they must sort through to make an educated career choice?

The 2018 WorkBC Parents’ Guide is a career development resource for parents, guardians, family members and other supporters. It’s created to help parents support their youth while they investigate career and educational pathways. The guide also suggests practical ideas and resources to help jump start your youth’s career exploration.

Four reasons why parents and guardians should read this guide are:
  1. Parents are the greatest influencers of youths’ career choices. Teens interviewed for the Parents’ Guide listed their parents as the people they were most likely to talk to about careers.  
  2. The guide explains the most effective approach for parents. Parents should think of themselves as coaches, providing encouragement and information. As a coach, parents can support their youth to make their ideas, goals and decisions a reality.
  3. Find many career exploration resources: The guide includes career conversation pointers, a criteria exercise to evaluate options, a high opportunity occupations list, and skills employers look for. The guide also suggests how to create short-term goals, select courses in high school and access student funding.
  4. Access a range of online career planning resources: These include direct links to the WorkBC Job Board, Career Toolkit and Labour Market Information.
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