Aleta – Quesnel WorkBC ESC – Mature Worker/Rural – Job Creation Partnership Skills Training

2 February 2016

Aleta’s employment situation before coming to WorkBC Employment Services Centre, Quesnel Employment Services, is best described as seasonal and unreliable. She began seriously looking into alternative work solutions with the close of the Barkerville Historic Town tourism season in the fall of 2012 which is when she first visited the Quesnel WorkBC Centre. In October 2014, Aleta was laid off from Barkeville Gold Mines Ltd where she had been employed as a full-time janitor/housekeeper for the previous 14 months. At that point, Aleta renewed her relationship with WorkBC to engage in a new job search and employment readiness program.

Aleta’s challenges in finding work were many-layered.

  • Remote location limited the type of work available to tourism destination service industries, support services for mining, and sporadic casual work in the retail environment available in the Wells/Barkerville area.
  • Education spread out over 20 years that pertained to business administration with most experience in administration. Family obligations provided a changing environment that did not support accruing experience in the field of education, office administration.
  • Older worker needing an entry level “training” position in order to use education.
  • Requirements of a job description from previous experience and emotional support.

Aleta went to the Quesnel WorkBC Centre because she needed help figuring out how to find continuing full-time work. She needed guidance for determining an effective employment action-plan and assessment regarding possible employment readiness barriers. WorkBC assisted by obtaining funding for Aleta to attend a 14-week Hospitality Admin Program through the College of New Caledonia, which provided timely, pertinent, MS Office software upgrading, bookkeeping, cultural awareness, and certificate seminars for Food Safe. This well thought out program concluded with a 2 week practicum, which placed Aleta in School District 28’s main administration office, where she earned the best practicum evaluation/reference possible.

WorkBC provided Aleta with the employment readiness assessments, access to Canada-wide job boards, access to resume and cover letter building resources, education and morale supports that helped her dig deep for the courage and persistence needed to perform a comprehensive job search until she successfully completed the process by becoming a new hire with a company that offered a job in an office administration environment.

Aleta has been hired as a Junior Administrative Associate with Wholesale Furniture Brokers. She now works at a job providing this web-based furniture merchant with sales administration support utilizing custom software application and following a complex, detail oriented process designed to provide an excellent on-line shopping experience and the highest possible customer satisfaction. Aleta has her own personal space, works with a fun and supportive team who value her as productive member of the team.

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