Cameron - Haida Gwaii WorkBC ESC

26 September 2018
Haida Gwaii WorkBC Employment Services Centre, Hecate Strait Employment Society, is proud to introduce Cameron. Cameron is a lifelong resident of Haida Gwaii and a person with a disability who has had little employment attachment. Cameron has had a connection with WorkBC on Haida Gwaii since 2012, participating in Job Options and Short Term Orientation and Certificate (STOC) Training which has helped him gain self-confidence and the will and drive to actively pursue steady employment. 
Recently, Cameron expressed his need and want for the opportunity to look forward to going to work. His case manager had noticed the need for custodial services on Haida Gwaii and brought this to Cameron’s attention. He expressed complete interest in this position but was concerned with his lack of qualifications. Working in partnership with WorkBC Centre, KOPAR; Cameron successfully completed the Build Service Worker Certificate Program with the University of Victoria in Parksville and is now employed cleaning BC Ferries staterooms on a weekly basis with the ambition of gaining further employment with a local business.The staff members at the Haida Gwaii WorkBC Centre are proud of Cameron’s accomplishments and will continue to support his future employment endeavors. 

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