Greg – Penticton WorkBC ESC – Disability Supports

20 July 2017

Greg was having troubles with his Achilles tendons. They were swollen and made it painful to walk, affecting his ability to work, which included waking and standing.

Greg was working at Discovery House Treatment program and found it difficult to work even part time due to problems with his feet. His position required him to go on walks and participate in recreational activities with the residents there. To help him do his job, Greg was provided with orthotics by WorkBC to reduce his pain so that he could work longer hours and more shifts pain-free. Since receiving these supports, Greg continues to be employed at Discovery House and is doing well there.

Greg said of his experience with WorkBC Employment Services Centre Penticton: “I am now able to walk long distances and can walk to work and back. Since walking is part of my duties at my job, I am able to focus on my job more without the pain distracting me from my work. Thank you WorkBC!”

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Posted: 12 August 2015