Judy Cushman - Quesnel WorkBC ESC - PWD/Mature Worker – JCP Skills Training

1 February 2016
When Judy visited the WorkBC Employment Services Centre, Quesnel Employment Services, she had been unemployed for almost a year and during that time she answered and sent resumes to over 100 job postings.
Judy faced a number of challenges finding work due to a combination of health (she was recovering from two surgeries), age and the inability to find employment in her previous wage scale as there were fewer jobs available and more competition at the higher level.

Judy said that WorkBC has a great reputation for helping people and found they had tremendous support, resources, training, follow-up and the overall atmosphere of care from the WorkBC Centre staff. Judy said that WorkBC is “an integral part of the Quesnel community."

WorkBC supported Judy by providing everything pertinent to her situation, with training and furthering her education, ensuring job postings were clear and concise, supplying information, resources and printouts, technical support, clarifying her options, job market trends and a tremendous amount of emotional support.
Judy is currently employed by WorkBC in the Quesnel Employment Services office teaching a course for older workers returning to the workforce. She has found out firsthand how these courses positively affect students and the life changing ideas became their reality. New computer skills have opened up so many options.
Visit the WorkBC Employment Services Centre Quesnel to learn more about the employment services and supports offered.