Laura – Kitimat WorkBC ESC – Living in Remote/Rural Area

1 February 2016

Before visiting the WorkBC Kitimat for assistance, Laura had been on maternity leave and was unable to return to her previous job as it was camp work.

Some of the challenges that Laura faced include a shortage of available jobs, finding reliable childcare and finding a job that made enough money to be able to afford to live and pay for daycare costs.

Through WorkBC Kitimat, Laura was able to return to school to obtain a new career. She now works part-time as a Practical Nurse. This position is a great fit for Laura as she loves to help people, makes a good wage, has job security, and will be eligible for benefits.

Laura said of her experience with WorkBC Kitimat: “Without the help of WorkBC, I would not have had the opportunity to obtain a career and be able to support myself and my three little children. WorkBC helped me be able to go back to school. They helped with supplies, books, gas money, and babysitting expenses in my first year. In my second year I became a single mother and they helped me with tuition, supplies, books, gas money, living supports and babysitting expenses.”

Visit the WorkBC Employment Services Centre Kitimat to learn more about the employment services and supports offered.

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Posted: 09 September 2015