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1 February 2016

Paulette is semi-retired and relocated from Alberta to Summerland as she was tired of the winter weather. She had been self-employed for the past 15 years.

Paulette, however, was not ready to retire fully after being so active, so she began looking for a part-time job. Because she was in a new community, she ran into challenges as she didn’t know anyone who she could network through as she had done in the past.

Paulette decided she was interested in working with seniors. With Summerland being a retirement community, she thought that would be appropriate work.

Paulette stopped into the WorkBC Employment Services Centre Summerland to see what they could do for her. WorkBC assisted Paulette by helping her realize she had transferable skills that could work for a variety of jobs. She attended a resume-building workshop, took a Food Safe course and attended a job fair put on by the Summerland Seniors Centre. Paulette applied at the Summerland Seniors Centre and got the job! She was also offered positions at the Summerland Legion and Penticton St. John Ambulance.

Paulette said of her experience with WorkBC: “Through encouragement from WorkBC, I have learned that I am employable, I do have transferable skills, and that has increased my confidence level greatly. I am so impressed with the help I received. It has made the transition from a different province into the workforce a very positive experience. Thank you so much!”

If you’re considering a return to British Columbia,’s Work in B.C. page is a good place to start.

Visit the WorkBC Employment Services Centre Summerland to learn more about the employment services and supports offered.

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Posted: 14 August 2015