Person with a Disability - Langford WorkBC ESC

1 February 2016

The WorkBC Employment Services Centre, WorkLink, recently hired a new staff member who is a client of the Employment Program of BC. This young man has Asperger’s and had not worked in the past eight years. He has typical characteristics of people with Asperger’s, such as a lack of eye contact and the need for specific communication techniques. He is also a polite, conscientious and hardworking individual.

The new employee is given job duties such as shredding confidential papers, recycling plastics, paper, and tins, watering plants, and wiping down computer keyboards, door knobs and communal surfaces. Since all these duties are now performed by him, staff time is freed up to focus on their key duties with clients.

 “This young man has been with us for two months and is a pleasure to work with,” says one WorkBC Centre staff person. “WorkLink practices what we preach – that hiring people with diverse abilities is very worthwhile.”

The new employee comes to work in a tie and dress shirt every shift and is never late. He always thinks he is not working fast enough, yet he is. He continues to work with a job coach who helps him prioritize his tasks and helps him develop systems to effectively complete them in a timely manner.

Visit the WorkBC Employment Services Centre Langford to learn more about the employment services and supports offered.

Posted: 28 October 2015