For up-to-date wage and salary information, visit the B.C. Wage and Salary Survey to find:

  • searchable information on part-time and full-time wages
  • hours of work
  • hiring difficulties
  • vacancies for 121 of the province’s most common occupations
  • information on occupations in B.C.'s eight regions

This data is presented for:

  • the top 100 occupations for B.C.’s three largest economic regions: Vancouver Island/Coast, Lower Mainland/Southwest and Thompson-Okanagan
  • the top 35 occupations in B.C.’s other regions: Kootenay, Cariboo, North Coast/Nechako and Northeast

Additional Resources

Career Profiles contains detailed information on a vast number of careers including wage or salary expectations, the required level of education, job stability and future job prospects.

Visit Earnings and Employment Trends for a complete look at the B.C. labour market including comparative data for the U.S.A. and other parts of Canada.

The federal government Labour Market Information website also provides an overview of what people are paid in various careers across Canada.

Compensating Employees

When seeking a particular job, you will want to know what sort of wage and benefits you will receive. If you are an employer, you should have rough figures in mind for compensating employees that are based on typical wages and working conditions in British Columbia. Having access to accurate wage and salary data helps:

  • employers develop competitive hiring practices
  • job seekers be knowledgeable about the job salary before deciding on a career path or accepting a job offer
  • career practitioners offer the most accurate career information to their clients
  • researchers and decision-makers develop public policy

Compensation often involves more than just salary. Bonuses, stock options and commissions are just a few examples of additional incentives that can reward high performance. In addition to monetary compensation, benefits like MSP, health insurance and fitness equipment can help to keep employees healthy and productive.

The go2 website provides an overview for employers on what makes up a good compensation package for employees.