Expand Your Sources of Labour

The years between 2011 and 2030 mark a big shift in the makeup of British Columbia's workforce. In 2011, the first of the "baby boomers" turned 65. For the next 20 years, more people than ever before in Canada's history will have the option to retire. More than one million jobs will be created by 2015 in B.C.; while more than one quarter of the current workforce will retire, resulting in a need to replace those workers.

WorkBC's Post a Job tool allows you to post jobs on WorkBC and attract potential employees. You can also contact a WorkBC Employment Center Services Center near you to get assistance with your recruiting needs.

WorkBC Employer's Tool Kit

This series of booklets, produced by WorkBC and shown on the right, tackles the aging workforce problem head-on and encourages employers to think more broadly about how to solve it. The solutions include encouraging older workers to stay on beyond the traditional retirement age, as well as looking beyond the traditional base for new sources of labour.

  • B.C.'s immigrant population is a poorly recognized and underused labour resource; hiring within this group fills an identified need while benefitting employers as it sends a positive message to the community about your organization.
  • Diversity in hiring, which also includes aboriginal workers, youth, women and persons with disabilities, will play a critical role in recruiting and retaining valuable employees.
  • The aboriginal population represents the largest untapped labour force in Canada.
  • While young workers are a smaller group, the tool kit will help employers to effectively recruit and retain them within organizations.
  • In British Columbia there are roughly 300,000 persons with disabilities of working age, representing a significant labour pool with the education, skills and abilities local employers require.

Open Door Group offers resources free of charge to support employers who hire persons with disabilities and barriers to employment.

To remain competitive and retain valuable workers over the coming years, take advantage of the diversity in hiring resources offered in the WorkBC tool kit.

Learn More About Specialized Population Groups

To learn more about the specialized population groups that make up B.C.'s population, visit Specialized Population Groups.

Labour From Other Provinces and Territories

Certified workers in careers and trades from other provinces and territories across Canada are also a potential source of labour to consider. If you’re interested in hiring someone from elsewhere in Canada, you can often do so without additional costs or delays related to certifications in B.C. For more information visit the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.​​​​​​​​​