Find Workers

WorkBC Jobs is a free, comprehensive job site that allows employers to create an employer profile, post jobs and connect with job seekers in B.C.

Additional Job Sites

Use the following resources to further extend your search for job candidates:

  • Working in Canada is a free federal job-matching tool that allows employers to post jobs and search for candidates across Canada. It also provides information on human resources management.

Planning for Recruitment

A recruiting strategy can save you time and money. The go2 Tourism HR Society provides information about the key steps in planning your recruitment efforts.

WorkBC's Employer's Tool Kit booklet on How to Attract, Retain and Engage Employees also covers recruitment strategies to ensure an influx of talented employees.

Assessing and Selecting Job Candidates

If you find the process of selecting candidates challenging, see Service Canada’s Hiring Employees for a step-by-step guide on how to screen, interview and assess applicants.

Read the Canadian Human Rights Commission's Guide to Screening and Selection in Employment for information on equity and other considerations when assessing candidates.

For tips on what to ask and how to get the most out of a reference check, see Conducting Effective Reference Checks.

New employees may also need a criminal record check. This is mandatory for employees who work with children and may be required for those who work with the elderly, the disabled or other vulnerable people. For more information, see Criminal Record Checks

Employment Services

Check the B.C. government’s Community and Employer Partnerships to see if there might be funding available for you to hire unemployed British Columbians  to work on particular projects.

See WorkBC's B.C. Labour Market Programs Inventory for programs and services to match employers with workers. These include wage subsidies, hiring incentives and training allowances.


If you’re interested in hiring an apprentice, see the Industry Training Authority information on sponsoring or hiring apprentices. For more general information about skilled trades and apprenticeships, see Apprenticeship

B.C.’s Training Tax Credit program gives tax credits to employers and apprentices in eligible apprenticeship programs.

WorkBC Employment Services Centre

WorkBC Employment Services Centres offer services that include job-search resources, personal employment planning, skills assessment and training, and work experience placement.

B.C. Employment Programs

Check if you qualify for B.C. programs and services that could help you gain skills and find employment.

Some examples:

  • BladeRunners
  • Women in Trades training
  • Skills Connect for Immigrants
  • Labour Market Sector Solutions



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