Keep Your Workers

The best way to reduce the effort and resources needed in the hiring process is to focus on keeping the workers you already have. In doing so, you will promote a motivated, productive workforce that will help your business grow.

While you cannot always influence the reasons why employees leave a workplace, you can affect the work environment with strong leadership and strategies that contribute to employee satisfaction. Successful worker retention strategies include:

The go2 website provides an overview of what a good employee retention program looks like. Resources include successful retention planning, providing well-planned compensation, competitive employee benefits, recognition and rewards, incentives and more.

Employee Recognition

Recognizing and rewarding an employee’s achievements through a recognition and reward program, is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to boost employee engagement and morale. Employees who feel recognized and valued are generally more positive, productive, and committed to their workplace. For additional tips and information see Employee Recognition.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is useful because it allows workers to see how they are contributing to the overall goals of your organization. Work satisfaction generally increases and productivity improves, which can create loyalty between you and your employees. For more information about performance measurement, see Managing Employee Performance and Performance Management: Happier Workplace and Higher Profits

B.C. Employment Programs

Check if you qualify for B.C. programs and services that could help you gain skills and find employment.

Some examples:

  • BladeRunners
  • Women in Trades training
  • Skills Connect for Immigrants
  • Labour Market Sector Solutions