Recruitment and Retention

Every employer wants to recruit good workers and then keep them happy and productive. Look here for information and resources on recruiting and retaining employees.

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Post a job at Work BC Jobs and find information on everything from writing a job posting to building a strong team in your workplace.

Learn about the advantages of hiring apprentices, connect with the Industry Training Authority and find information on tax credits that may be available when you hire an apprentice.

Discover tools and resources aimed at helping you find potential workers in ways you might not have thought about before.

Can’t find a qualified Canadian worker for an opening at your workplace? The Temporary Foreign Worker Program may be able to help.

Explore ways to keep your employees on the job and maintain a happy and effective workforce.

Check out information on part-time and full-time wages in British Columbia for common occupations. You’ll also find information on hours of work, hiring challenges and other resources to help you decide how to compensate your employees.

Many employers see the benefits of investing in the development and training of their employees. Find out how you can help build the skills and knowledge of your workers.