Rights & Regulations

British Columbia’s quality of life is among the best in the world. Some credit for this goes to the human and employment rights guaranteed by our Province’s workplace laws and regulations.

Understand Workplace Rights summarizes the types of workplace laws that protect both employees and employers. Human rights are the most basic of these.

In addition to human rights, B.C. law, regulations and codes of conduct also set out more specific workplace rights and responsibilities. These range from standards for safe working conditions and minimum wages, to rules covering how job complaints and terminations must be handled. Many Canadian laws also apply to workplace rights in B.C.

See Occupational Health and Safety to learn about WorkSafeBC requirements and the assistance available to help employers meet them.

At no charge, the Employers’ Advisers Office can assist with helping you better understand your workers’ compensation issues and WorkSafeBC requirements. The Office also provides independent advice and assistance with claims, disputes or can answer other questions regarding your responsibilities as an employer.

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Explore the different types of workplace laws that are in place to protect the rights and outline the obligations of both employees and employers.

Providing a safe and healthy workplace is an important obligation for B.C. employers. Learn how you can help your workers remain safe and healthy while on the job.

The Employers' Advisers Office (EAO) provides no charge services and information to employers related to the workers’ compensation system.