Pursers and flight attendants (NOC 6522)

About this job

Airline pursers and flight attendants:

  • make sure passengers and crew members are comfortable and safe during flights
  • work for airline companies

Ship pursers

  • attend to the safety and comfort of passengers aboard ships
  • work for tour or cruise ship companies
Common job titles
  • agent, airline - ticket and information
  • chief steward - ship
  • CSD (customer service director)
  • director, passenger service


Flight attendants

  • greet passengers
  • explain and demonstrate safety procedures
  • check the general condition of the aircraft cabin
  • make sure that all necessary supplies are on board
  • pay attention to safety of passengers during take-offs, landings and emergencies
  • serve food and beverages to passengers and make flight announcements

Flight pursers, customer service directors and passenger service directors

  • coordinate the activities of flight attendants
  • provide service to passengers during flight and complete reports

Ship pursers

  • supervise ship attendants
  • arrange activities for passengers
  • conduct ship's business, such as signing on crew, maintaining payroll records, helping passengers prepare customs declarations and supervising baggage storage

Work environment

 Key aspects of work in this occupation:
  • Work takes place in an indoor setting, but may also involve exposure to outdoor weather conditions.
  • Work involves being in an airplane or ship, which could be a potential source of injury or accident.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

There is little mobility between airline pursers and ship pursers.

It is an advantage for pursers and flight attendants to speak more than one language.

Additional resources

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