Other customer and information services representatives (NOC 6552)

About this job

Customer and information services representatives answer enquiries and provide information about an establishment's goods, services and policies.

People in this occupation:

  • provide customer services such as receiving payments and processing requests for services
  • work for retail establishments, contact centres, insurance, telephone and utility companies and other establishments throughout the public and private sectors
Common job titles
  • agent, call centre / order desk
  • clerk, bus information / schedule
  • clerk, client service / customer service
  • clerk, information - hospital / hotel
  • clerk, lost-and-found / damaged goods
  • clerk, route supply and return


Customer service representatives in retail establishments:

  • answer, in person or on the phone, enquiries from customers and investigate complaints regarding the establishment's goods, services and policies
  • arrange for refunds, exchange and credit for returned merchandise
  • receive account payments
  • receive credit and employment applications

Contact centre agents:

  • take customer orders for goods or services
  • promote goods or services
  • respond to enquiries and emergencies
  • investigate complaints and update accounts

Customer service representatives in insurance, telephone, utility and similar companies:

  • explain the type and cost of services offered
  • order services
  • provide information about claims or accounts
  • update accounts
  • initiate billing and process claim payments
  • receive payment for services

Information service representatives:

  • provide information to customers and the public concerning goods, services, schedules, rates, regulations and policies in response to telephone and in-person enquiries

Work environment

Customer and information services representatives usually work a standard work week, while some may work night shifts at agencies that are open 24 hours a day. Work involves either standing at a customer service counter or continuous hours using a computer.

These clerks work in fast-paced environments with high volumes of customer inquiries where they must provide excellent, high level customer service.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.