Operators and attendants in amusement, recreation and sport (NOC 6722)

About this job

People in this group:

  • work as operators of amusement rides, games and other attractions,
  • work as attendants in amusement, recreation and sports facilities who assist patrons, collect tickets and fees
  • supervise the use of recreational and sports equipment
  • work for amusement parks, fairs, exhibitions, carnivals, arenas, billiard parlours, bowling alleys, golf courses, ski centres, tennis clubs, campgrounds and other recreational and sports facilities
Common job titles
  • attendant / operator, J-bar / T-bar
  • attendant, billiard / pool parlour
  • attendant, concession
  • attendant, racetrack
  • attendant, rental - bicycle / boat
  • attendant, skiing


Amusement attraction operators:

  • drive trucks, vans and other vehicles to transport amusement rides, games and other attractions to amusement attraction sites
  • set up rides, fun houses, game concessions and other amusement attractions
  • do routine maintenance and safety inspections of attraction equipment
  • operate rides and other attractions, oversee game activities and make sure participants are safe
  • supervise amusement attraction attendants
  • may sell tickets

Attendants in amusement, recreation and sport:

  • collect tickets and fees,
  • rent or sell sports and accessory equipment
  • schedule the use of recreational facilities such as golf courses, tennis courts, bowling alleys, fitness clubs, campgrounds and other similar facilities
  • operate recreational facility equipment such as ski lifts, ice rink equipment and snow making machines
  • help patrons on and off ski lifts and amusement park rides
  • secure and release safety belts and bars and keep an eye on equipment to detect wear and damage.
  • clean and maintain recreational facilities and grounds

Work environment

Workers in this group typically work in outdoor environments and may be exposed to various weather conditions.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

Additional resources

Additional resources are not currently available for this career.