Geological engineers (NOC 2144)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

Geological engineers:

  • geological engineers carry out geological and geotechnical studies to assess suitability of locations for civil engineering, mining and oil and gas projects
  • plan, design, develop and oversee programs of geological data acquisition and analysis and the preparation of geological engineering reports and recommendations
  • work for consulting engineering companies; electrical utilities, mining and petroleum companies; and in government, research and educational institutions
Common job titles
  • engineer, hydrogeological
  • engineer, petrography
  • engineer, rock sciences


Geological engineers:

  • plan, develop and co-ordinate programs of geotechnical, geological, geophysical or geohydrological data acquisition, analysis and mapping to assist in the development of civil engineering, mining, petroleum and waste management projects or for regional development
  • analyze and prepare recommendations and reports for construction or improvements to foundations of civil engineering projects such as rock excavation, pressure grouting and hydraulic channel erosion control
  • analyze and prepare recommendations and reports on settlement of buildings, stability of slopes and fills, and likely effects of landslides and earthquakes to support construction and civil engineering projects
  • carry out studies on groundwater flow and contamination and develop regulations for site selection, treatment and construction
  • plan, develop, co-ordinate and carry out studies in mining exploration, mine evaluation and feasibility studies concerning the mining industry
  • carry out surveys and studies of ore deposits, ore reserve calculations and mine designs
  • supervise technologists, technicians and other engineers and scientists

Work environment

Work in this occupation is typically performed in a structured environment, such as an office or school, or an outdoor work environment where the worker is exposed to various weather conditions.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Geological engineers work closely with geologists and other scientists and engineers, and mobility is possible between some fields of specialization and between engineering specializations at the less senior levels. Also, engineers often work in a multidisciplinary environment and acquire knowledge and skills through work experience that may allow them to practise in associated areas of science, engineering, sales, marketing or management.

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