Support your workforce

In business today, employment involves much more than simply hiring workers. To build a successful business you need to effectively support and manage your human resources in several key areas:

  • Structure your workplace – Think about the workplace culture you want to foster and tailor your job descriptions accordingly.
  • Build your team – To recruit and keep the workers you need, develop suitable compensation and incentive plans, performance monitoring and feedback; as well as employee retention strategies.
  • Deal with issues – Respond positively to employee grievances so that you can understand them and overcome them. Work to minimize absenteeism and implement disciplinary procedures.
  • Ensure workplace health and safety:
    • Know the WorkSafeBC rules that apply in your business. Train staff, and be sure to monitor workplace health and safety.
    • Learn about the Employers' Advisors Office and the support they can provide.
    • Be ready to provide support around personal issues your employees may be facing.
    • Access anti-violence workplace training resources, such as the Become More Than Bystanders video and viewers' guide.
The resources below can help.

Topics on this page
Topics on this page

Human Resources Tools

Health and Safety

All employers in B.C. are required by law to provide a healthy and safe environment for their employees. You have to register and pay premiums to WorkSafeBC, the organization responsible for workplace health and safety in B.C.

WorkSafeBC administers workplace rules, provides safety education to employers and employees, and insures employers by paying benefits to injured workers.

WorkSafeBC also enforces the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation, which governs most workplaces in B.C. WorkSafeBC provides:

  • legal requirements to ensure safety in workplaces
  • policies and procedures to prevent incidents
  • guidelines for interpreting and following the requirements and policies
  • procedures and equipment to ensure safety in particular types of workplaces
You can get details about how to register for coverage, pay premiums, maintain a safe workplace and more at WorkSafeBC’s Employer and Small Business Centre.

Employers' Advisers Office
If you want independent advice, contact the Employers' Advisers Office. This office is part of the Government of B.C., separate from WorkSafeBC, and offers you:
  • Advice about occupational health and safety.
  • Assistance with registering and keeping your WorkSafeBC account current.
  • Representation in any disputes.
  • Educational seminars.

To contact your local Employers' Advisers Office, see Employers' Advisers office locations and contact information.

The Government of B.C. also operates an independent Workers' Advisers Office,  which provides free advice and assistance to workers and their dependents on disagreements they may have with WorkSafeBC decisions.

Anti-Violence Workplace Training Resources
Employers in B.C. and across Canada are becoming more aware of the impacts domestic and sexual violence can have on workers and workplaces. The Become More Than Bystanders workplace training resources can help employers and employees work together to create safe workplaces. While these resources were designed for the oil and gas industry where many men work, the information is relevant to all work settings. A training video and viewer's guide are available on the Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC) website. Additional employer training resources are also available on the EVA BC website.

Become More Than Bystanders training resources were produced by EVA BC in partnership with the BC Lions Football Club, with funding provided by Encana Corporation and the B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Skills Training.