What's New

(October 7, 2021)

To enhance service delivery, and to support the province’s economic recovery, the CWRG will update the eligibility criteria effective October 18, 2021. In addition, criteria language will be updated to improve clarity across all streams. Applicants are encouraged to review updated stream eligibility criteria, beginning October 18, before applying.

Highlighted changes include:

  • Skills training will be focused on occupational training and credentialing that allows participants to develop skills required for a specific job or occupation. This kind of skills training has demonstrated the highest likelihood of leading to CWRG’s primary objective: secure and sustainable employment for participants.​
    • ​Short-Term Orientation and Certificate training (STOC) will be considered a subset of training within a larger occupational training goal.
    • Essential and soft skills training will continue to be funded within the Employment Assistance Service Component for participants requiring these supports.

  • Application evaluation will place an increased emphasis on ensuring training proposals align with community needs by demonstrating employer support of the training project.

  • Self-employment training will be more focused on communities’ identified demand for specific goods and/or services. This increased focus better ensures successful self-employment for entrepreneurs who receive training.

  • All stream criteria will include a set of definitions for clarity, Appendix D.