Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation (R&I) provides funding for time-limited, research-oriented projects that put forward untried and untested approaches to labour market problems that improve upon current ways of helping people prepare for, obtain or maintain employment and help move more clients into sustainable jobs.

Research and Innovation is a strategic investment mechanism to fund leading edge innovation research that could potentially inform the development of policies, programs or industry practices that strengthen the understanding of the labour market.

At this time, priority will be given to pilot projects that are well positioned to enhance participant employment outcomes and/or are aligned with the Community and Employer Partnerships (CEP) Social Innovation stream over projects that are strictly research focused.  

If you are requesting support for project costs, you must complete and attach the CEP Budget Template as part of the on-line application process. To complete this document, download the file to your computer using the Right Click/Save As function. Once this document has been downloaded, click on the “Enable Editing” button to allow for completion of the form.

Please refer to the CEP Fund Budget Guidelines, for a comprehensive list of eligible project costs.

Enquiries can be sent to:

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