Indigenous Skills And Employment Training (ISET) Program Service Delivery Partners In BC

If you self-identify as an Indigenous person there are additional employment and skills training services you can access in addition to the WorkBC centres.
The federally funded Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program is designed to support Indigenous People(s) to meet their long-term career goals. Indigenous service delivery partners may provide wrap around services from essential skills to employment-related programs and will assist you with finding employment, trades/apprenticeships, entrepreneurship, career development or accessing disability-related employment supports. Financial assistance may be available to you while in short- or long-term training and school, including tuition, books, safety tickets, personal protection equipment, tools, childcare, travel and living expense costs.
ISET providers are located throughout the province to serve First Nations, Métis and Urban Indigenous People(s). The map below can help you navigate which ISET(s) may be best for you. You may want to zoom in on the map by clicking the plus sign to have a better view of the different ISET providers in your region.   Each ISET can provide you more information on program eligibility and services.  


Green Pin Provide services for First Nations, Métis and Urban Indigenous People(s) in that geographic area
Blue Pin Provide services to Band citizens
Metis Pin Provide services to Métis citizens
Orange pin Provides career services to Indigenous People(s) in the lower mainland who are Status, Non status, Metis and Inuit.