Production logistics co-ordinators (NOC 1523)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

Production logistics co-ordinators:

  • organize and assist the flow of work and materials within an establishment
  • prepare work and production schedules
  • oversee the progress of production and construction projects
  • work for manufacturing and construction companies, printing and publishing companies and other industrial establishments
Common job titles
  • checker, delivery
  • clerk / officer, control - shipping
  • clerk, construction progress report
  • clerk, industrial order completion
  • clerk, manufacturing order
  • clerk, production control clerk


Production logistics co-ordinators:

  • compile detailed worksheets and requirements from customer's order
  • estimate type and quantity of materials and labour required for production, construction and other projects
  • consult with production supervisor to schedule production runs in a cost and time-efficient manner
  • meet regularly with other production clerks; warehouse, production and construction supervisors; and purchasing and inventory clerks to co-ordinate activities between warehouses, production floors or construction sites
  • co-ordinate and oversee the movement of parts, supplies and materials within an establishment
  • ensure that supplies, materials and products are shipped and received on schedule
  • using manual or computerized systems, prepare and maintain various reports on the progress of work, materials used, rates of production and other production information

Work environment

Work in this occupation is typically performed in a structured environment, such as an office.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Promotion to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

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