Judges (NOC 4111)

About this job

People in this occupation:

  • rule on civil and criminal cases
  • deliver justice in courts of law
  • are in charge of federal and provincial courts
Common job titles
  • judge, administrative
  • judge, appellate court
  • judge, county court / county
  • judge, family court / juvenile court
  • judge, magistrate court
  • judge, probate court (wills)



  • oversee courts of law, interpret and enforce rules of procedure and make rulings regarding the admissibility of evidence
  • explain laws to the jury that are related to the case
  • weigh and consider evidence in non-jury trials and decide legal guilt or innocence or degree of liability of the accused or defendant
  • pass sentence on those convicted in criminal cases and determine damages or other appropriate solution in civil cases
  • grant divorces and divide assets between spouses
  • decide custody of children between contesting parents and other guardians
  • enforce court orders for access or support
  • supervise other judges and court officers

Special duties

Judges may specialize in particular areas of law such as civil, criminal or family law.

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work generally takes place in a law office or court house.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

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