Photographic and film processors (NOC 9474)

About this job

Photographic and film processors work for film processing laboratories and retail photofinishing establishments and perform a variety of tasks.

People in this occupation:

  • process and finish still photographic film and motion picture film
Common job titles
  • analyzer, colour films
  • enlarger / quick print machine
  • motion picture film developer
  • negative cutter / restorer / retoucher
  • photo developer / processor / finisher
  • technician, darkroom


Photographic and film processors perform some or all of the following duties:

  • control equipment to develop film and to print black and white and colour photographs
  • operate photographic enlarging equipment to produce prints and enlarged photographs from negatives
  • run equipment to develop motion picture film
  • tend automatic equipment in retail establishments to develop colour negatives, prints and slides
  • run equipment to transfer film to video tape
  • retouch photographic negatives or original prints to correct defects
  • splice film and mount film on reels
  • measure and mix chemicals for processing
  • inspect rolls of photographic prints to ensure that they meet specifications
  • check motion picture film for defects in developing and printing

Work environment

Key aspects of work in this occupation:
  • Photographic and film processors usually work in a conventional controlled environment such as an office, hospital or school
  • Work may involve chemicals that are harmful to skin or eyes, dangerous if inhaled or may cause a fire or explosion.


Career paths and resources

Career paths

  • There is mobility among occupations within laboratory processing operations.
  • Progression is possible from automatic machine tenders in retail establishments to laboratory processing occupations.

Additional resources

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