Labourers in fish and seafood processing (NOC 9618)

About this job

Labourers in this group:

  • do clean-up, packaging, material handling and other basic activities related to fish and seafood processing
  • work in fish and seafood processing and packaging plants
Common job titles
  • fish bin worker / hopper filling
  • fish briner / salter / pickler / flaker
  • fish culler / dipper / freezer / packer
  • fish washer / weigher / sorter
  • handler, fish-processing plant
  • labourer, fish cannery / fish processing


Labourers in fish and seafood processing perform some or all of the following duties:

  • unload fish and shellfish from fishing vessels and transport them by hand or forklift truck to fish processing plant
  • put fresh fish fillets in brine solution to condition them for wrapping or freezing
  • weigh fish or shellfish, record weight and pack fish in ice
  • sort fish according to species, weight and destination
  • clean work areas and equipment
  • transport supplies and packaging materials throughout plant and storage area manually or with powered equipment
  • measure and dump ingredients into hoppers of mixing and grinding machines

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place in an indoor plant environment with some work done outdoors in various weather conditions.
  • Indoor temperatures may be cold when working in freezers and with ice.
  • Workers may be exposed to strong or unpleasant odours.
  • Work involves contact with water and other liquids.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Progression to other occupations in the fish processing industry is possible with experience.

Additional resources

Additional resources are not currently available for this career.