Senior government managers and officials (NOC 0012)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

Senior government managers and officials:

  • plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate, through middle managers, the major activities of municipal or regional governments or of provincial, territorial or federal departments, boards, agencies or commissions
  • direct these organizations following legislation and policies made by elected representatives or legislative bodies
Common job titles
  • ambassador, municipal
  • assistant comptroller general - government services
  • chair, employment insurance appeals board
  • chair, Human Rights Commission
  • chair, parole board
  • chief administrative officer (CAO)


Senior government managers and officials perform some or all of the following duties:

  • create goals for the organization following government legislation and policy
  • develop or approve and assess programs and procedures alone or working with senior government committees
  • advise elected representatives on policy questions and refer any major policy matters to these representatives for final decision
  • recommend, review, assess and approve documents, briefs and reports submitted by middle managers and senior staff members
  • ensure appropriate systems and procedures are developed and used to provide budgetary control
  • co-ordinate department activities with other senior government managers and officials
  • make presentations to legislative and other government committees regarding policies, programs or budgets

Work environment

Key aspects of work in this occupation:

  • Work is usually performed in a conventional controlled environment such as an office, hospital or school

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