Accommodation service managers (NOC 0632)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

Accommodation service managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of an accommodation establishment or of a department within such an organization.

People in this occupation:

  • are employed by hotels, motels, resorts, student residences and other accommodation
  • may be self-employed
Common job titles
  • innkeeper / country inn operator
  • keeper, rooming house / boarding house
  • manager, boading house / lodging house
  • nursing home manager
  • operator, B&B / hotel
  • operator, camp / campground


Accommodation service managers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • develop, implement and evaluate policies and procedures for the operation of the department or establishment
  • prepare budgets and monitor revenues and expenses
  • participate in the development of pricing and promotional strategies
  • negotiate with suppliers for the provision of materials and supplies
  • negotiate with clients for the use of facilities for conventions, banquets, receptions and other functions
  • recruit and supervise staff, oversee training and set work schedules
  • resolve customer complaints

Work environment

Work generally takes place in an indoor environment such as a hotel or a guest-house.

Career paths and resources

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