Property administrators (NOC 1224)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

Property administrators manage rental and strata properties. They also act as the legal agents of property and strata property owners.

Common job titles
  • administrator, property
  • agent, property - commercial building
  • chief, property management
  • co-ordinator, property leasing / rental
  • landlady / landlord
  • manager, area - property acquisitions


In general, property administrators:

  • Rent and lease properties on behalf of property owners
  • Ensure that the terms of lease agreements are met
  • Set up contracts for cleaning, maintenance, security and other services
  • Co-ordinate repairs and renovations and monitor their progress and cost
  • Track operating expenses and income, and prepare financial reports and budgets
  • Ensure rents are at market value
  • Keep records on building functions, owners and tenants
  • Deal with tenant issues
  • Manage damage deposits
  • Hire and supervise rental agents, property clerks, building superintendents and other support staff
  • Stay up to date on property-related laws, and seek legal counsel on bylaws, contracts and building changes
  • Meet with clients and give building updates

Work environment

Property administrators can work for property, real estate or strata services management companies, or for governments or property development businesses. They usually work in offices. Some do part of their work from home. Meetings sometimes take place online or in the evenings at managed buildings.

Property managers use technology to keep track of the large amount of information they deal with.

They must be understanding, diplomatic and caring. They must also be tough enough to manage issues and enforce rules.

Insights from industry

With so many Canadians now living in condominiums, apartments and townhouses, the demand for property administrators is high. This is driving salaries up as companies compete for qualified workers.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

With more experience, education and training, property administrators may become team leaders or supervisors for property management brokers.

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