Chiropractors (NOC 3122)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

Chiropractors assess, diagnose and treat disorders that cause spine, muscle and joint pain. They use hands-on care to adjust the spinal column and prescribe exercises to increase patients’ mobility, reduce their chronic pain and help them recover from injuries.

Watch the video below to see what a day in the life of a chiropractor is like.

Common job titles
  • chiropractor / chiropractic doctor
  • DC (doctor of chiropractic)



  • Record patients’ health histories and perform physical exams
  • Use medical imaging, such as X-rays, and do other tests as needed
  • Identify nervous system- and muscle-related disorders, also called neuromuscular-skeletal disorders
  • Treat patients with manual adjustments, soft tissue therapy and electrical stimulation
  • Advise patients about helpful exercises and stretches
  • Provide posture, lifestyle and nutrition information
  • Refer patients to other health-care professionals including medical doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists

Some chiropractors specialize in radiology, sport science or clinical sciences.

Work environment

Chiropractors are usually self-employed. They work in private practice, group practice with other chiropractors or in clinics that offer a mix of health-care services.

Most chiropractors work regular office hours. Some also see patients on weekends.

The work can be physically demanding. Chiropractors work with their arms and hands, and they stand for long periods of time. They may be exposed to potentially harmful radiation from X-rays, infrared and ultraviolet light.

Self-employed chiropractors must spend part of their time managing their business, which may include booking appointments, doing accounting and managing office staff.

Insights from industry

Chiropractors help reduce patients’ pain, increase their function and improve their quality of life. Helping people provides chiropractors with a great deal of job satisfaction.

As part of treatment, chiropractors often give advice around nutrition and lifestyle. By being attentive to each patient’s unique physical, psychological and social circumstances, they can provide the most effective care. 

Career paths and resources

Career paths

New chiropractors often join the practice of an established chiropractor. Others join clinics that offer a mix of health-care services.

After gaining experience, some will open their own practice, either independently or in partnership with others.

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